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Restoration & Creative Services

We specialize in complete total cost involved restoration and custom builds. From street rodder to purist we provide service to those with an unwavering commitment to recreate fine quality relics from the past. The perfect blend of modern technology and old fashioned technique, allow us to achieve results that are second to none.

The Pursuit of Happiness

FLASH BACK - A young family in the making and exhausted from the toil and atmosphere of city life, a need for change was brewing.  Since a very young age I have exuded the urgency to tinker/dismantle/and reassemble.  A holiday for me was sitting at my grandfather’s kitchen table building model cars and listening to stories of family owned classics from days gone by...

I have strong and proud family roots.  Long lines of hard working farmers, fabricators and mechanics on both sides of the family chains.  It only seemed natural to pursue ones boyhood dream of reviving relics from the past.  The opportunity to return to the wife’s home town to raise our family and be our own boss proved irresistible.  Business plan in one hand, one foot in front of the other, and a few signatures later Carnduff Carriage Works was born.

Pictured here is Keith's grandfather John Neufeld, his grandfather's aunt Elizabeth Hiebert, alongside great grandpa Herman Neufeld's 1930 Pontiac. With a twinkle in his eye, Keith's grandpa would recall visions of his dad performing service calls in the field driving a 1937 Buick Coupe.

I’m forever in debt to my wife.  She selflessly relinquished her career as a Licensed Practical Nurse.  On top of being a mother, she bravely assumed the role of business manager/accountant/and now CNC plasma operator.  Although she misses her previous career, her artistic impressions help her to fulfill void.  Her zest for life, free spirited nature and compassion for friendship and family are apparent in some of the images she creates.  Her artistic metal work helps others to express their own individuality, allowing them to put their own stamp on the world.
Around here vintage automobiles are something we gently stir in with our morning coffee.  It’s not about flipping to make a buck, it’s more a preserving a time capsule or satisfying individual desire.  In todays throw away society, it’s refreshing to recapture some of the transportation snapshots from the past. 

Neufeld's kids


However I do not wish to live in the past.  My wife and children remind me everyday that the future holds great things in store.  The smiles on their faces assures my overwhelming urgency to stay true to my roots and work hard to fulfil my role as a father and husband. The ball in my throat and the tear in the corner of my eye as I lay my pencil to paper elude I am on the right track.
And so we drive on…….
More of our story can be viewed in the Fine Lifestyles Estevan/Weyburn Spring 2014 magazine (click here & go to page 161-162). You can also watch for us in the upcoming CAA magazine. (Spring 2015)


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